Acrylic Enclosure Information

For boating enthusiasts across South Florida, keeping your vessel in the best possible condition for your next aquatic adventure is a must. Being safe and protected while in open waters allows you to focus on what matters: enjoying the sun and waves. Whether you are a casual seafarer or a seasoned deep-sea fisherman, acrylic marine enclosures provide an extra level of comfort and security for any voyage.


At C-Worthy  Custom Yacht Canvas, we offer the highest quality acrylic marine enclosures in all of South Florida. Our team of experienced craftsmen and nautical experts are dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction. Safety and comfort are at the center of everything we do. Each acrylic marine enclosure is fabricated to your specifications, so it melds seamlessly with your vessel for immediate sea readiness.

The Benefit of Acrylic Marine Enclosures


Unlike cloth or canvas enclosures which may be attractive but are more easily damaged, acrylic marine enclosures are designed for longevity. These shelters are made of a thermoplastic resin and molded to your vessel for a flawless installation. It is resistant to cracks, scratches, and shattering which may occur with glass enclosures.


Once your enclosure is installed and sea ready, you can rest assured it is up for anything the ocean may send your way. Acrylic marine enclosures offer both UV and heat protection, with up to a 10-degree cooling factor while in its shade. They are also resistant to damage which may be caused by common boating elements like extreme weather, smoke film caused by diesel oils, and common chemicals found aboard like turpentine.


As an affordable option for repairing or updating your vessel, acrylic marine enclosures are a worthy investment. By adding this extra layer of protection, these enclosures can increase your ability to enjoy the open waters for longer periods. These shelters help to reduce the damage caused by harsh sun exposure caused by the ocean’s reflective surfacing. They also offer protection just in case a sunny day at sea gives way to stormy weather.

Why Choose C-Worthy Custom Yacht Canvas?


C-Worthy is your premiere source for custom acrylic marine enclosures in south Florida. With over 30 years of experience in the marine manufacturing industry, we are glad to share our passion for boating with customers like you. Our team has the knowledge and experience to tackle any project, no matter the size or unique dimensions. We are dedicated to each client’s complete satisfaction. C-Worthy fabricators and manufacturers will consult with you concerning the best solution for your boating needs.


Contact us today for more information about acrylic marine enclosures and other shelter options.