Have a Professional Install Your Yacht Enclosure

Custom Yacht Enclosures in Pompano Beach at Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

Have a Professional Install Your Yacht Enclosure

Although not necessary, boat enclosures can do a lot of good for those who own a yacht. Yacht enclosures are the clear and plastic-looking material that is often used to protect the boat from unwelcome visitors and the natural elements. The enclosures can come in a softer material or one that more firm and hard to the touch. Although there are numerous companies out there available to assist people with installing their enclosures, some still prefer to do the job themselves. This isn’t always a bad idea; however, the only way to know for certain that your enclosure is installed correctly is to have a professional come out and do it for you. Don’t leave your yacht at risk, regardless if you have it docked behind your house or at a restaurant, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. There is absolutely nothing more valuable than having peace of mind. With our specialists at C-Worthy Corp. in charge of installing your yacht enclosure, you can dock it freely without any worries.




One of the biggest reasons we encourage people to have a professional come out and install their yacht enclosures is because of the materials involved in the installation. Some of the parts are easy to find; however, many of them are quite difficult to track down, and substituting even one part for another can result in a faulty enclosure that does not properly protect your yacht. Here are just some of the many materials needed:


. Tubing

. Zippers

. Eye-Ends

. Clips

. Deck Mounts

. Special Thread

. Special Window Materials

. Clear Vinyl Sheets


This list contains only some of the necessary materials. Every enclosure is different and every yacht will have different needs. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to have an expert such as a C-Worthy Corp. specialist come out and install it the right way. Some of the materials can also only be found through suppliers who manufacture them for enclosure installation companies. Sure, you may be able to find something similar or of a lesser quality elsewhere; nonetheless, it will not be durable, aesthetically pleasing, or reliable. Yacht installation companies also already have all of the materials ready to go and can come out at any time to get the enclosure built for you. There is usually little to no wait and the process itself is generally quick.




The professionals have a certain eye for this kind of thing and know exactly what looks good on what kind of yacht. They also will be able to customize or special order anything that you may have seen elsewhere and would want for your enclosure. We can also provide examples of past projects we have worked on and give you ideas of what kind of enclosures we can install for you. At C-Worthy Corp. we specialize in enclosures with both soft glass and c-clear hard glass, allowing you to pick what route you want to take. From there we have many examples you can look through for inspiration. There are many different options for you to choose from by working with our team of professionals. We have a team member work closely with you to ensure you know exactly what you are getting on the day of the installation. We will not install something that you are not 100% in love with. With a professional such as C-Worthy Corp., there are numerous customization options for you to choose from.


At C-Worthy Corp. we have the best team of specialists around for all of your soft and c-clear hard yacht enclosures. Don’t risk damaging your yacht by not sufficiently protecting it; use the professionals for all of your yacht enclosure needs. If you try and install it yourself or find someone with minimal experience to do it then you are seriously putting your vessel at risk. With all of our customization options and experienced specialists at C-Worthy Corp., you can rest assured that your yacht will be in good hands. Give us a call today at (954) 784-7370 or email us at canvas@cworthycorp.com to learn more about our installation services.