How to Keep Yacht Upholstery in Pompano Beach Clean

Yacht Upholstery Pompano Beach

How to Keep Yacht Upholstery in Pompano Beach Clean

When it comes to owning a yacht, there are plenty of pieces of responsibility. You’re in charge of maintaining the overall aesthetics of your boat, as well as the many working elements that keep your yacht in tip-top shape. Because of the money you’ve invested into this beautiful vessel, you’ll want to ensure that you’re doing all you can to keep it in pristine condition. One of the most important aesthetic pieces of your vessel is the upholstery. What many people don’t know is that there are dos and don’ts to keeping yacht upholstery in Pompano Beach both clean, and long-lasting. If you’ve been wondering what secrets there are to maintaining your yacht upholstery, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn more!   

  • A Gentle Rinse is Key for Keeping Yacht Upholstery in Pompano Beach Clean   

The world of pressure washing should not be a part of a yacht owner’s world. In fact, they shouldn’t even be in the same universe. The reason being is that though vinyl yacht fabrics are made for durability and longevity, they’re still sensitive, especially to pressure. If you’re looking to give your yacht an excellent cleaning, then you’ll need to begin with a gentle wash. Rinse off all of the debris and dirt that has been collecting, giving you a fresh material to work with.   

  • Use Special Marine Cleaning Products  

When it comes to cleaning the surface, you’ll want to choose a cleaning product that is specially advertised for being marine-friendly. This means staying away from products that house ingredients such as bleach and staying true to those made for yachts. Of course, this choice is up to you, but be very careful about which products you settle on. The last thing you want is to find stains from bleach splattered across the surface of your upholstery.   

  • A Gentle Brush   

Just like you’ll prioritize a gentle rinse, you’ll want to prioritize a gentle brush. Sometimes, people use soft-comb toothbrushes to get into smaller spaces. Alternatively, there are special pieces of equipment that can help you clean with ease. To get in between the tiny spaces, you’ll need patience and a steady hand.   

  • Rinse and Dry   

After you feel like you’ve gotten all of the dust and grime from your upholstery, you can begin drying the pieces with a light cloth. If you want to keep your upholstery looking its best for a long while, you can even spray a marine vinyl restoration solution. When you’re not using your boat, it’s always a great idea to keep the upholstery covered.   

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