Polycarbonate Enclosure Information

Florida’s year-round sunshine and warm weather makes it the perfect destination for beach and ocean lovers around the world. For Floridians, being able to take to the ocean on a whim is a luxury many of us take for granted. If you are a seafaring Floridian, you understand the importance of having a vessel that is fully prepared for your next oceanic adventure. Having a polycarbonate marine enclosure can ensure your next trip into open waters is safe for you and your guests.

What is Polycarbonate?


Polycarbonates are a class of thermoplastic polymers with a variety of applications. These plastics are chemically structured with carbon bonds, creating an ultra-strong material which is resistant against most types of impact damage. While this does not mean it is impossible to break, for seafarers, polycarbonate marine enclosures are perfect for protecting yourself and your valuables while on the water.

Benefits of Polycarbonate Marine Enclosures


Florida’s beautiful ocean is home to stunning and unique marine wild life. But it can also be incredibly temperamental, turning a nice, calm day into rough waters and stormy skies. A polycarbonate marine enclosure can withstand nearly anything our unpredictable climate throws at it. Not only is it up to 250 times stronger than glass enclosures, polycarbonate can offer up to 87 percent better clarity as well. With this incredible strength and durability, these enclosures are able to withstand heavy winds, rains, and other erratic Florida weather patterns.


Polycarbonate marine enclosures are not without their weaknesses. Where they are able to withstand impact damage, scratches and chemical damage can cause imperfections. C-Worthy can not only fabricate your enclosure, but assist in maintenance. We are dedicated to keeping your vessel ready for a day on the waters whenever your heart desires.

Why Choose C-Worthy?


At C-Worthy, our team is dedicated to providing the best possible service and care to each and every client. We pride ourselves in providing quality custom fabrications for any vessel, no matter the size or unique dimensions. With over thirty years of experience, our fabricators and manufacturers can make your vision a reality.


As part of our aquatic family, we share your passion for the freedom and fun of the open ocean. Let us help keep you on the water. From concept to installation, our goal is to ensure your vessel is fully prepared for any adventure that awaits. Our polycarbonate marine enclosures are of the highest quality, providing protection from the sun, waves, and weather.


For more information about our polycarbonate or any other enclosures, call C-Worthy Custom Yacht Canvas now!